I Knocked at Heaven’s Door

In my dream, I knocked at Heaven's door.
I was welcomed with love therefore.
The beauty before me was so great to behold.
The streets were dazzling in yellow gold.
Its likeness was full of so much grace.
It certainly was a beautiful place.
A voice beckoned unto me to come near.
I could see something but it was not clear.
Then I saw a figure dressed in white.
The image was standing in a bright light.
Instantly I knew it was the almighty Lord.
His splendor of beauty shined even more.
Being overwhelmed, I fell down on my knees.
I said, "Gracious Lord, have mercy on me" .
He said, "Stand up my child, you need not fear.
The Lord of glory, He welcomes you here" .
There my eyes filled up with tears.
His arms reached out and held me near.
Then my eyes opened, I could hardly believe.
An amazing thing had happened to me.
I had a night I would remember evermore.
In my dream, I knocked at Heaven's door" .

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