I know a girl

 I know a girl....
Who fears failure
Fears failure so much that;
She works hard to stay away from it
But she is a learner, you know
So she still fails....
And every time she does
They talk behind her back, 
Calling her names
But didn't they tell her yesterday 
That her soul's beautiful, her laugh cheery 
And when they read her poems they say
"That's where she's wasting her time"
But do they know
The verses she writes, the poems she carves
And all those just in a few minutes time
Heal all her curses, always make her alive
I know a girl,.....
Whose beliefs often crumble 
But then she prays for them
To revive and come back stronger 
And every time she cries
She's telling her heart 
To get stronger.
I know this girl,....
And everytime I see her....in the mirror 
I tell her, that the little amount of heartbreak
And the tears she has shed
On all her failures 
Will do some magic, will make her better
And the love she has for God
Will only make her stronger
Soon, very soon.....
So I know a girl
Who every time tells herself 'Not to waste her time anymore'
Writes a poem of her life
Writes a lesson for her to rise
Troopers of the dark side 
Raising their flags high
March in and ravage
My castle of dreams
In this battle of thoughts
In this war of breath
The warrior is me
And the nemesis,
My thoughts
I've let the demons inside me 
Conquer my noble soul
And encage my thoughts,
In self created clinks
And the fear of losing
Never lets me win

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