I Know There Is a God

I know there is a God
Because He is the only one who counts the tears my soul cries
When my body and mind are numb
From the barbs of enemies and swords of friends.

I know there is a God
Because when I finally break the surface
Of my pain, gasping for understanding
To breathe humanity back into my being,
He throws me a lifeline and tows me to a place without judgment.

I know there is a God
Because when the elevator shoots to the top floor,
Butterflies churning, blood turned to bubbling adrenaline,
He meets me in the stars, and never pushes the down button.

I know there is a God
For I have faced darkness that doesn't promise a sunrise at dawn,
And I have lost pieces of me to that eternal blackness
But remained whole, assured there was a torch burning just beyond.

I know there is a God
For unworthy of the slightest reward for last-place in the human race
He gave me the most precious of trophies to coach to victory:
Slowing steps, seeing faces, filling needs like potholes in a track,
Above all, showing people she knows there is a God.

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