I Know What It's Like

I know what it's like, I've been there too,
To have your very own child taken from you.
Without any warning, without any sign,
As quick as they join you, they leave you behind.
It's not their fault they would stay if they could,
But they are needed in Heaven to do what is good.
You're alone in this world, this nightmare of pain,
The nights drag on endless, your days fill with rain.
There's no way to protect, our most precious ones,
The heartbreak consumes you; you feel your life's done.
You stare into space, wondering why,
You can't help but ponder, your life passes by.
Your life it continues without one you love,
You hope and you pray they are safe up above.
This void in your heart will never be taken,
No matter who tries, as years pass, you are shaken.
No one will know just where you are,
Your life has been changed, you now bare a scar.
For everyone else life seems to go on,
You are left standing, for you it's not done.
The strength that you need is found deep within,
But I've never found it, you feel you can't win.
Your loss will create a huge hole in your heart,
At times you'll feel angry, but of this it's a part.
So begin to prepare for a sadness that lasts,
Your baby is gone, he is part of your past.

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