I know what you’re doing

I know what you’re doing
And some how I stay
I know the lies you tell
And some how I believe
My life is repeating a cycle
A situation I had before
I neglected to see the signs
So I stayed
I suffered
I didn’t have the courage to trust God
I was bound
And because of my poor choices everything I had was taken
My courage punched out of my chest as if my body was a punching bag
Swing by swing I lost my strength
His words sliced my arms like a razor
The blood that leaked out carried my confidence
Strand by strand he snatched my hair out
Uprooting me from all my beliefs
I became who he wanted me to be
Broken like the bones in my body my skin became a bag
Broken like my heart in my chest
It became his yo-yo
Winding me up and dropping me down
Forgetting to flick his wrist to bring me up he let me dangle
He performed tricks for his friends to see
He raped me from myself
I no longer had control over me
He rewired my mind and washed my brain in his thoughts
So everything he did was okay

I was lost
Somewhere in that sunken place
Fighting with his words and my own
I should have trusted God and leaned on his words
My prayers manifest in my soul until it broke through my sealed lips

God opened a door for me to exit!
My escape route was already designed
I dragged my body out the door never looking behind
I crawled until I walked, I walked until I ran and I ran
And I ran
And I ran and I ran
And then I ran into you.
A different door but the same story.

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