I Know You

I know you. I know who you are.
I know your pain, your struggles, your scars
I know you have talent, I know you have heart
I know you have talents, I know you have heart,
and I know that your fears could tear you apart.

But you don't know me, not really, not much.
All you see is the surface, a small little touch.
You don't know my memories, my thoughts, my feelings,
or how my world feels like the floor's on the ceiling.
You don't know my quirks or what makes me tick,
or that my heart feels heavy, like a brick.
It's damaged, unfeeling, or feeling a lot,
to deal with these feelings not something we're taught.
But looking at you, I feel happy inside.
Just a smile, just a glance, and my hearts on a ride.
Do you see me as I see you? Have you even a clue?
Do you know what I'd do to stay by you?
Of course not.

You don't know me, not my pain, my struggles, my scars,
and I honestly wouldn't care if I didn't know who you are.
But I'll keep going, keep fighting, and give one more try,
cause what I don't want from you is one word:

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