I Know You Hear Me

Take a look around; tell me, what do you see?
You see the cardboard cutouts, you look right past me.
Their smiles and their laughs are what bruise my heart,
But tell me what's so different that they set me apart?
You say you love your best friends, but are they just like you?
What gives you the right to judge, the right to pick and choose?
I know you hear me screaming, I know you see me cry.
So why not stop to help, instead of walking right on by?
You see them teasing, see them taunting, death is in their eyes;
But me, I can see through them, you just see their disguise.
Inside, they're no different than the kid they try to beat-
If the situation flipped, you know they couldn't take the heat.
Just because I'm different doesn't make you high above.
Different colors, different faces, you should look on all with love.
Now I'm speaking to the others, please don't give up quite yet;
Though life may not seem better, it's the only life you get.
The seasons changed, and I saw a brighter sun.
It didn't change, but I did-I know I'm not the only one.
The day you stepped in front of me, the day they turned and ran,
You smiled, said,"Alright?" then stepped to take my hand.
I didn't thank you for your kindness,"Just leave me alone,
I can handle them myself; I'm much better on my own."
You didn't try to punch me, I didn't hear a smack-
You just said you'd always be there, and you'd always have my back.
I know you saw me smile, as you turned and walked away.
That simple act of kindness got me where I am today.
So don't give up on love, you've got your whole life up ahead,
The waters might be rough now, but they calm down in the end.
Some day they'll find truth:that you were never any less.
Each a star created equal-none shine brighter than the rest.

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