I, Lady Liberty

When I, Lady Liberty
Of the golden door
The New Colossus
The Land of Opportunity
When I, Lady Liberty
Who cannot speak myself, says more than you
When in the course of your history you who may speak freely
are silent as the countless graves
that hold you up
And you who may act freely
are as unmoving as the carefully set cornerstones you trample on

When "We" becomes only "I"
and slavery is not acknowledged as slavery
And death is not acknowledged as death
When justice serves only itself
And Peace becomes the goal
rather than the path
When Protection is firing a gun
And when the Golden Door
becomes a wall instead
Then symbols become only faded colours
Red of spilt blood
White of hearts of ice
And Blue the sorrow falling like rain
Until the Lamp of the Lady
Flickers out at last

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