I Learned that to Achieve Things

I learned that to achieve things in life,
we have to travel a long road.
I wondered from time to time,
why did people grow old?
I wanted to know, why the heartbreaks of a departed love,
and I found God, the father of love.
I learned that love was a feeling,
the secret of love is found in the heart,
feeling in the soul, is where it had start.
Way down deep a buried treasure hides,
it was the feeling found way down deep inside.
It's the only feeling that's found from within,
a true feeling, that's shared between friends,
carefully sort of a love so true,
I found my secret treasure buried in you.
I am bound to this love and joined to you,
we are a bond that nothing can break through.
It can't be broken or torn apart,
for we knew where our love had its start,
made in the mind, felt in the heart, found in the soul,
this is our love worth more than pure gold.
For love conquers all the deepest most sound minds of old,
the greatest treasure in the world to behold.

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