I Life

Did you not feel the sun shine upon your face,
The wind blowing softly through your hair.
Did you not feel the sand between your toes,
The waves crashing; the setting of the sun.
An ocean of water;a sea of stars, and a stone to light the night.
Did you not see.

Do you not feel the raindrops as they tickle your nose.
The gentle patter... pattering... a song,
Do you not hear.
Do you not feel the snowflakes as they melt upon your cheek,
As they melt on your tongue.
Snow angels on a new fall of snow, footprints deep; the seasons turn,
Do you not as well bloom.

Will you not remember the taste of a blood red strawberry.
A delightful peach; the enigma of chocolate... all so sweet.
Will you not savor.
Will you not engage your nose to the rose,
To an elusive spice; to a familiar cheese,
To a seductive coffee bean,... the duel of a glass of wine.
Will you not know these aromas.

Did you not laugh; do you not cry; will you not love.
Summer's leaves; fall gently... about the air, of a winter to come,
And rest onto the grasses of spring.

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