I Lost Me

I swallow the knot forming in my throat
As I read the goodbye letter you wrote
Once again ive loved in vein
No tracker of the countless tears of pain
Here it goes again a self evaluation
Wondering why the real me didnt meet your expectaions.
All along u knew your intentions
Now i know why "i love you too" was never mentioned.
Weighhtless and empty is this heart of mine
Lost in the abyss is our wasted time.
I fought your battles and won your wars
Ive been through enough pain why pick at my soars.
A smile is faked a kiss is forced
Forgiveness is pretened love is coerced
U say ive changed from who you knew
Yet i was never noticed u only saw you
Your Lies have picked skin from my bones
Your demons have come in and destroyed this home.
Ive gone through hell just to bring you back
Yet my loyalty trait is something you lack.
Broken, bruised and wonded by ur action
You torture my heart in publuc like its your main attraction.
Now ur all better and you demons are gone
You see me now barely holding on
U laugh at me scars and snarl at my tears
If only u knew i got them fighting your fears
U said u found yourself and that i should too
But you dnt even know that I lost me helping you find you.

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