I lost my way

I lost my way

I am deep in the forest
each tree growing taller and taller, as I shrink smaller and smaller
I am bound in the twisted vines

I fall into quicksand
I’m getting sucked down into the depths of hell
the pressure is smothering me, I can’t breathe
my brain is screaming, all goes silent, all goes dark

Suddenly a hand reached down and grabbed me
pulled me up on to solid ground
a voice thundered…. “Do not surrender”
I looked around and saw a clearing in the forest
there stood a stranger motioning me to come
the voice rang out… “Go quickly and you will find a guiding light”

With a battered, bruised and shaking body I made my way to the stranger
I looked the stranger in the eye
“You are not alone, we will help you”
I looked around in confusion and saw others reaching out to me

“Tell us of your journey, we will stand beside you
we will help you fight to ‘right the wrongs’”

I am in despair, disheartened
I lost my way
I am alone

“There is hope, there is always hope
we are here for you
you are not alone”

I lost my way
I fought back
I stood my ground
I won the battle

Carol Dawley ~ author

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