I Love Him Still

He's my soulmate, but he's not the love of my life
People can't figure out how that is
Don't get me wrong
We fell in love, but it was so much more
It didn't end because we fell out of love
We simply fell in time
And falling in time is so much stronger than falling in love
It is a sad truth to say that love isn't always enough
Love doesn't always vanquish distance or circumstance
But I love him still
I don't know what a soulmate is, but I know that he's mine
In the same way that I will always be his
Even when another calls him her's
And even though another calls me his
No doors or gates of time will ever change that
We fell in love and we did not fall out
But life took us very different ways
And we're both ok with that now
But we will always belong to each other
Even when she kisses him, he's mine
She just loves him in a way that I no longer can
She could love him forever, but he's still mine
I love him and he's my world
I may no longer be in love with my soulmate
But I love him still
And maybe that right there is enough

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