I Love the Way You Love Me

You look into my eyes and see
Everything I really want to be

My flaws, my anger, and even my stress
Somehow you're able to see the best

When it's hard for even me to see
Any sign of beauty in me
I look at you just looking at me
and through your eyes I see so much beauty

My hair is a mess and I don't even match
Yet you're telling me I am a great catch

When I look in the mirror and hate what I see
When I really don't like the person looking back at me

You always seem to make it fade
You so effortlessly push the pain away

You are my rock, my love, my shoulder to cry on
My hero, my hope, The one I rely on

I wish I could look at me through your eyes
I wish I could see someone I don't despise

I am so lucky to have you in my life
And so grateful to be the one you call your wife.

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