I Love You

I love you.
And I don't mean love as in I'm going to run at the first sign of trouble,
I mean love.
As in the love that fixes broken things rather then throw them away.
I love you.
And I'm not talking about the "yeah she makes me smile sometimes" type of love,
I'm talking about the "I can't stop smiling because she makes me happy" love.
And I'm not talking about the love that's filled with empty promises,
I'm talking about the love that means what it says.
I love you.
It's that simple,
For a feeling that is so complex.
I love you.
And I'm waiting for the day you open your eyes,
And start to understand the constant longing for you that my heart has.
But as i slide back into reality,
I realize that it's just another broken dream.
I love you.
As if words do not contain the feeling that I have for you,
Because if they could, the world would be awestruck.
I love you.
As if the words aren't coming out because I find myself struggling for just one more breath as you start taking all the rest away.
And I'm waiting...here...for the moment I will hear those words in return.

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