I Love You

I Love you
I love you even when you don't love yourself
Every time I see your face I smile
You are the one I want to see when I wake up
How can love hurt so much? Why is love so sad?
I don't know why you didn't love me
Maybe I am the reason for all your pain
Maybe I was the reason for all your cries
I'm sorry I couldn't be everything you looked for in a daughter
I'm sorry I couldn't be the reason you smile.
I am sorry you got pregnant at sixteen and
I was the results to your mistakes
If I could take away all your pain I would
If I had the chance to look at you one more time
I would hold you so tight.
I don't hate you. I could never hate you.
I hate myself because you hated me so much
And you flew away too soon
Every time I visit you I cry
The deserted location, the wind, the cold vibe
The only thing that keeps my smile alive is the sun
that beams down on the both of us
Despite every path we've crossed, you are a great mom
I hope you rest in peace: my beautiful angel
Because I want you to know I love you
I love you, even when you couldn't love yourself
enough for the both of us.
I love you.

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