i love you

I love you, without knowing when where or how.
Did I love you from the first time I saw you,
Or even before
I am not too sure
For it seems that I love you forever

I love you, for I seem to know no other way
Your captivating character doesn’t give me a chance
I ask myself,
Why I love you
For the heart doesn’t seem to have a conclusion

I love you, beyond boundaries
For borders, can't come between hearts
My love is eternal, borders temporary
For you are my freedom and choice

I love you, without language
Words cannot express what the heart holds
Certain things can only be felt, moments sensed
For you are my silence, still and peace

I love you, for you are my dream
Or maybe beyond, I am not too sure
For you are all, that my dreams are made up of,
Or maybe you are just dream

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