i love you

By l.shank   

If i want you i want you
Not your friends family or strangers
To share a bound deeper than the soul meaning of time an space
A actual moment were the stars a line in your eyes to me
an i can be one with you without the he say she say it's all a race
A race to see pain they don't care all they care is to hurt an for their own gain
But if you see things in my eyes why would send that risky flare up in the sky
To attract them like wolfs feeding off the helpless in love
If i want you i'll love you
I'll be your protector garden
like your shadow I'll stand by your side walking down this path of life
An if they hurt you i'll be there to heal you
But letting them in to our lives our light why
Why is it just love between two need to be shared
Is it not enough just between the pair our is there a need for attention to be sought
For love from one is not enough
If i want you i won't leave you
If you let them hunt us devour use for there gain
I won't discard you i'll help you up from the fight i'll raise you on your feet to stand again
But i won't be played im not a chess set or a game like stacker
To have people staking lies against me trying to get enough a lined to win
I may raise you on up but i will leave you on your own

If someone wants you ask is our love enough between us
Or does the world need in on it along with us

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the prof of a actual true love