“I love you”

Dear dad,
Thank-you for the inconsistency I have now learned
"I love you" is only a poly to get me to forget.
Your greatest weapon "I am sorry" now not even
my boyfriend allowed to say it without me getting sick.
I wonder if you ever really wanted me because the nice
you says "yes" but the true you says "I was a mistake"
But I am supposed to be better right?
I am meant to just forgive because I am the reason you
get so mad.
My inconsistency of forgetting to put away the dishes
yielded you throwing that spoon. Yes my fault I
see your point.
I am the cause of your anger and you the source of my
non-existing depression. Because I have lied in the
past so why would I tell you the truth of me being sad.
In all I just wanted to say Thank-you for now no one
can say "I love you" to me without cause for concern.

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