I Love You

I love you, three words that I use so often

Those words will never describe what I truly feel for you

How can these three little words illustrate the passion I experience with you

I love you, and as I say it, I know I can never say it enough
Every waking moment I long to say it to you
What power that words can hold

I love you, as I kiss your eyes, your nose, your lips
The passion and the fire that those three words possess
When will they show the ardency that I hold for you

I love you, as I hold you hand and we slowly walk together
Oh, the adventure we will have with each other one day soon
Where can you go where I will not follow

I love you, as you wipe the tears streaming down my face
One little gesture that shows me how much you care
Why does one deed create such a bond between two people

I love you, as you let go of my hand, turn, and walk away
The pain I feel is like a thousand lashings on my unclothed back
How can you tell me your love is no longer the same as it once was

I love you, as you tell me you can’t do this
Such pain in hearing you say I need this to be over with now
How much emotional suffering can one person endure

I love you, as you search for closure
You say I will always be in your heart
Can a person die from anguish

I love you, as you go your separate way
Saying none of this is what I wanted for us
How long will it take before you understand

I love you, three words that you do not want to hear
Three words that I will repeat to myself over and over again
Will this be the last thing I ever speak to you

I love you

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This Poems Story

After an emotional heartbreak, I write poems to help channel what I am feeling. This was the first poem that I wrote for my ex. Through all the pain and torment, I still love him. The most painful thing is when someone won't love you back.