I Love You Mom

When I opened my eyes you were the first
Whose face came into my sight
Still remember comfort of your lap
Where I loved the most to reside
You were the first who taught me to speak
You made me to stand on my feet
You are an angel
Sent from brightest stars
Your smile is a healer
Which heals my all scars
Shadow of your lap is cooler than
Winters of Polar
Which shades me in scorching Summer
Your hug is warmer than
Summers of Tropic
Which warms me in winters
More than woolens or a blanket
Whether it is a Sunday or Monday
You walk beside me everyday
Whether I laugh or feel sad
You always hug me tight
Whether times are good or bad
You always love me with all your might
Wherever I go
Your blessings are always there
You are the only
Who loves me the most and care
You are a bottomless and endless
Ocean of love and affection
You are world's best guide
Who always guides me to right direction
Getting you as my Mother make me
To feel the luckiest person on this earth
For me you will always have
The softest corner of my heart

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This Poems Story

This poem is dedicated to one whose love is endless. Mom is the most beautiful and worthy gift one gets in his/her life. She is impeccable and her love is timeless. This poem too says about the love a mother has towards her childs.