I Love You Tomorrow

I love you tomorrow
Don't know if you do love me
You scare me of no promise to see you tomorrow
Though I keep count of days, weeks, months and years
You keep scary my mind; of when there won't be tomorrow

l love you tomorrow
Thinking you're my bosom assurance
Your faceless is your strength over mankind
Are you God creation to check his challenge?
Tell me of your sojourn purpose

I love you tomorrow
At the brink of no more tomorrow I cringe
Prepared to meet Him untimely
Tomorrow appeared with his amazing grace
Who are you, Him?

I love you tomorrow
No known friends or foes;
Appears like side of coin; death and life
Ceased tomorrow scurry death; and
Life assurance spring from spirited tomorrow

I love you tomorrow
I still love you tomorrow; I live on tomorrow
Guess tomorrow loves me; keeps audience with me
Until casket, grieve and wailing signal end of my tomorrow
Tomorrow final blow will bring my love to eternal end.

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