I Loved You

I was only 14 when i fell for you.
You and me where just strangers before we met.
I didn't talk to you and you didn't talk to me.
We were just kids.
One day you came up to me and it was like a magical day.
Your eyes connecting to mine just made my day the best.
the next day we became the best of friends.
we couldn't stay away from each other.
After a few weeks you told me that you loved me
and that i made you happy
I was stupid and i believed you.
So we started dating.
The first 5 weeks were great.
Then after that started the fights and the
leave me a lone's and the i hate you's.
I'd stay home and cry all night knowing that you might not be mine.

Now i am finally 18 thinking about 4 years ago.
How everything was all great.
I miss you, I really do.
But i also remember how you played me like a bet.
i was a dare to you.
You didn't love me or cared for me.
No, you used me and messed me up.
My world was upside down.
Finally your away from and i got another
man knowing he actually cares for me and
wont play any games.
I loved you, once...

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