I Loved You All Along

This feeling isn't what one would categorize as being unrequited love.
If anything, it's the opposite of that, and genuinely sent from heaven above.
I know it, this feeling in my heart, the emotion has only grown stronger.
As the years go by, the flame doesn't diminish; it burns steadily longer.
I loved you all along, even if I didn't want to know it, that's the truth.
None of us know what real affection is until the heart starts to sleuth.
When I don't want to think of you, you are in my mind, I must say.
I can't lie anymore about how I feel about you or from it get away.
You are a living part of me that has made me smile despite myself
I can't break the bond between us or hide my heart high on a shelf.
I must let the words "I Love You" be known to you before it's too late.
I loved you all along because it was destiny, and doing so is my fate.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a love that you've known for many years in your heart, but haven't been able to fulfill, or may never fulfill for whatever the reason.