I Made a Choice

Eyes open I'm awake
I get another day to escape
Got out of my bed, I made a choice
Got dressed, I made a choice
Now what do I do? My mind is racing
So many choices to be made about escaping
Maybe I'm still asleep, dreaming!
If not, who awakened me?
I'm in a cape, my freedom was taken from me
But, I made a choice!
I want to scream, but I don't have a voice
Get me out of the cell, this jail
I don't belong here!
I must be in hell
If this is living something is wrong here!
But, I made a choice
I need to escape,
Something inside me,
Trying to come up out of me
Now it's standing aside me.
I can see better now
Mind stop racing, I can breathe better,

I made a choice

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