I Made It

Mama always told me go on and
be successful
be different from others and
never turn back for no one walk straight till you find your future.

My daughter I tell you the truth hurts
but no one ever wanted you when you was a kid
but I always thought you would grow up and be who you are today.

but the future getting kinda blurry...
when all these things need to get done in a hurry...
before i lose myself and end up
another book on that common shelf.

As I lay in my bed thinking all the violence will stop
will never come to my shield
thinking I would be snuggle up tight
but i never thought about growing up with a mind this bright.

hater after hater,
giving a never hated her but
never needed her type of fever,
its hard to say who i was,
when i was just for them
and all of the above.
today I can say mama I made it.

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