I Miss Her

Most nights I lay in bed awake
I think of the girl I once was
Light with a never ending glow
I think to myself I miss her
A girl whose voice leapt through the air
A girl whose love was always there
A girl with so many big dreams
I think to myself I miss her
Her spirit could not be broken
Her passion could drive the whole world
Her soul was pure and filled with grace
I think to myself I miss her
I wonder where that girl has gone
Was she ever even alive
Is she someone I ever knew
How can I think I miss her
The girl I was didn’t exist
She never soared high with her wings
But she was loved and loved others
And for that I say I miss her
No one lives out a perfect life
They live, they eat, they sleep, they die
But the small choices make our lives
For that I’ll say that I miss her

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