I Miss Him

It's 3 A.M. England time
I'm laying in bed with your scent on my sheets
if I concentrate just right
I swear I can hear your heartbeat.
Your millions of miles away
I wish I could hear your voice
but heaven doesn't have a phone
only angels to console you when you cry.
I miss the little things you used to do
like brushing your teeth and combing your hair
putting extra sugar in your coffee
while playing records near the rocking chair.
Sleeping without you is the hardest
I have dreams that your right next to me
then I wake up calling for you
only to realize it was a memory.
I wish you were here to see the snow
so we can make love with the windows wide open,
to write songs with your guitar
then drive through town as we sing them.
To lean on your shoulder and hold your hand in mine
is the thing I miss the most
I think of that as I snuggle under our blankets
as I hold your pillow close.

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