I Miss My Child Heart

Everyone is scared now,
No one has any idea about the future,
As the world is in danger,
But the little girls is fearless,
Even she is self quarantined in home,
But she is happy and not getting bored,
This is because she is not grown up,
We grown ups,
Think more, create havoc,
Then we feel depressed,
Children even fail,
But they try,
Listen to elders,
And obey,
Even we were children once,
But now, where did our innocence go?
When did we became so mature?
That we forgot how to listen and obey orders,
The heart of a small child is always pure,
Even we deep inside have the children heart,
Dig that out,
And inject the atmosphere of negativity with positivity of that pure heart,
The many days you live,
Live with happiness,
Pray for the peace of world,
And ensure the sustainability of the world.

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