I Miss You

I miss you
I miss you and everything we used to do
I miss our kaleidoscope of love, our physical collages
The way you used to carry me to bed, those full body massages
I think of you often and wonder if you ever think of me
What I would give to see your name come across my Caller ID, see
Since you've been gone so much has gone wrong
The last thing I want to do is turn this into another sad love song
Without you in my life I feel trapped inside these emotional cages
Light years from paradise, don't know the meaning of the phrases
Happily ever after or dream come true
You got me caught up in the rapture and I miss you
Tell me what I have to do to get you back,I'm ready willing & able
I'm done with this nightmare, I want the fairytale the fable
& I promise that I will be more understanding
I will listen a lot more and I'll be less demanding
Falling in love is fine, I just want a softer landing
And if you don't mind something romantic and enchanting
Just know, every morning I awake and every night that I sleep
I have a reoccurring dream, simplistic yet bottom of the ocean deep
About the love that we share, many envy but very few understand
About your love for this woman and the love I still have for you man
I want, I need and I love you too
Million thoughts on my mind but the first and last is that I miss you

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