I Miss You.

I must confess for the past two years I've been waiting for you.
I've sat at this desk trying to write down what exactly I'm feeling.
But why do I come up short.
Two years its been since you passed.
Two agonizing years of hatred, sadness, disbelief, and being lost.
They say let it all out as if my pain can be diminished.
Just like that it will be gone.
They say you stop missing them after a while.
As if the years you were in my life are to mean nothing.
The people that say these things obviously don't know the hurt.
And how it pulses through my heart.
For every second of every minute of every hour I miss you.
I miss your voice and the way you would hold me when I was upset.
How long must I wait to see you again.
I do hope you're okay where you are.
This isn't fair but I do see where my priorities should be.
And its not with the dead.

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