I Miss You

As a child I learned the truth, a close one left and you broke the
You took me along, and held my hand.
We said goodbye . . . I took steps towards becoming a man.
As the years rolled by we'd lose one or two; you always gave reasons,
Reasons that helped pull us through.
Our relationship strained as I grew.
The things we argued about seemed many, but were a silly few.
Our closeness regrouped, as the world hurled things our way.
You became more than a parent, you were the light leading the way.
Sickness was always something you feared, and when it struck
I stood right there. Holding your hands throughout the day,
Stepping outside to hide the tears away.
The reasons you gave me for the loved ones we lost
Always seemed to hold true . . . .
Until the day, the day that I lost you.
Now a grown man with little eyes that look to me,
I'm speechless, I'm hopeless . . .
I have opened eyes, but they can't see.
I reach back and remember the words that you said.
I repeat them like a script to each one of the kids.
They look at me with wonder, and for the time they're okay.
You may not be here, but I feel closer I must say.
So with each day that goes by, that furthers me from you,
I hold dearly the memories . . . and the pictures of me with you.
And even though I tell myself you're okay, I have selfish thoughts . . .
I wish you could have stayed . . . I wish you could have stayed.
So at night when I lay them down and kiss them like you would,
I close my eyes and whisper, I can't stop missing you.

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