I miss you

One day I was sitting and you appeared.
Your sky blue eyes watched me with such care.
When you said you loved me, it made all things clear.
I could feel all of the love hanging in the air.

Then one day you suddenly disappeared.
Your sky blue eyes cut away from my face and told me,
“I no longer love you,” and that was one thing I feared.
You used me like a flower that was longing for a bee.

Then I was crying and you came near,
You pushed back your short honey-brown hair,
Told me I meant the world and to not ever fear.
“I love you more than anything I swear.”

I believed you and was happy once more.
You were forever and always my handsome brave prince.
Then you left and I was stabbed right down to the core,
I felt the most powerful pain to that blow and winced.

Now you are gone, I’ve nothing to be here for.
I think of your handsome face and caring soul.
I’ve seen this small hope get slammed on from a door,
Now my heart is nothing but an empty hole.

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