I miss you Jim

You were taken away from me
at an age when i was young
able to relate to all your songs
it was as if you knew me personally

all the loves that we searched for
and lost ones we tried to rekindle
the blues you sang when you were down
were the same for me to handle

life’s lessons we learned the hard way
that we weathered and kept us together
for tomorrow's gonna be a brighter day
always helped make the next day better

dreams, kept me goin’ those days
as our lives brought us along
love that we found arduous to express
i wrote in my poetry and you in a song

oh, the funny stories you could tell
and the places you would take me
Fridays nights at the “Bar and grill”
while watching the Roller Derby,

when in walked Walker and Mr. Brown
and saw them both get kicked in the face.
then Sundays we would go to watch
Rapid Roy win the weekly stock car race

recently, i’ve been letting
your melodies get to me
with photographs and memories,
i sit on the carpet and listen to your songs
though your footsteps no longer on my floor,
till eternity passes, to me you are never gone.

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This Poems Story

Jim Croce was one of my favorite song writers. I can listen to all 3 albums he made and not skip a single song. It\'s a shame that he died in a plane crash. I always wonder how many more songs and albums he would have produced. His lyrics told great stories. Time in a bottle, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, You don\'t mess around with Jim, I\'ve got a name, plus many many more. If you get a chance, just listen one of his albums and i\'m sure you will become a fan and will want to listen to the rest of his albums. After you listen, see how many song references you can find in my poem. If you are already a fan, i\'m sure you recognized them as you read it.