I Miss You Mom

Why did you have to go mom please tell me why?
Now i have to cut myself just to get by.
I want you back it's not fair,
A mother like you to find is rare.
I hate myself for making you cry that day,
Im sorry for all the things that I did not say.
I feel guilty for all those times that I told you no,
I should have just said yes and let it go.
You were my world and my heart,
When you left my life fell apart.
Momma will these tears ever come to dry?
All i do is sit in this house and cry.
I have no reason to get out of bed anymore,
I have no reason to go out my door.
I don't know why I just can't let it be,
But I'm angry that God took you away from me.
I tried going to your house but the pain is just to much to bare,
Because you are not there.
The days go by so slow,
I don't know how I'm suppose to let you go.
I cry myself to sleep every night,
Since you left my heart has not felt right.
No one knows what I would give for just one more touch,
I wish you were here mom I miss you so much.

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