I Must Pick The Gumamela

One day, I was in the garden
Walking and touching the flower's green
I noticed a gumamela just touched my skin
"Oh gumamela, where have you been"

It was already a year I haven't seen one
The gumamela I craved, only the one
The pinkish nature of your petals
Your vivid pollens beautiful as corals

Suddenly, I saw another gumamela
But it was different because it holds an umbrella
The moment it unfolds, it was a girl named Ella
Who is beautiful as the gumamela

As I looked at her in her whole image
The spotlight began and I'm on the stage
I can't move for my heart is beating in rage
For a moment, I was in the cage

As the sun's radiance is so bright
There's the wind who equalizes it right
I started to move forward
But the gumamela girl makes me a coward

It was a perfect time to introduce
As the girl named Ella is an amazing muse
I can't just drive myself so aggressive
Because I know it will take such progressive

I picked up the gumamela that touched my skin
For I decided to take the chance to win
It was only the two of us in the garden
But every single second was hardened

As I walked unconsciously
I never noticed she was already nearby
Finally, I saw her eyes and it was enormous
Then Ella and I began to say "Hi"

I gave the gumamela that I picked up
She said, "Thank you, what's up?"
I replied "I'm Matthew, your so beautiful"
She replied "I'm Ella, you're nice and wonderful"

Unexpectedly, a guy came with full of pride
Then claimed Ella as his bride
He was too nice compared to me
I realized I got nothing but ordinary me

The couple immediately left the scene
And I lost the chance to have my queen
For a moment I fell in love
Now my feelings began to fly like a dove

I will never forget that moment
For that gumamela has an alternating current
Now it's time to set my feelings apart
Knowing that every gumamela represents a heart.

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This Poems Story

The poem is about a girl named Ella that stunned Matthew in the garden for her appearance is like an angel. It was a sad ending for Matthew knowing that he and Ella just “met but not destined.”