I Mustn’t Forget

I mustn't forget to take out the trash,
and my daughter's coming over,
and I have to pay that bill.
The people on TV distract me,
they're so excited about something...
My daughter arrives,
she's early, so great!
She reminds me about the clock on my wall,
because I said early,
but she said she's late.
Where were we about to go? Where does the time go?
I can't remember what else I was supposed to do.
Was there more to do?
Time just slips away, and no one seems to care but me
and the people who talk on the TV.
A bill is late? Did I forget to pay?
I think the companies are cheating me.
The people on TV scare me today,
I call my daughter, she sounds annoyed,
but I want the people on the TV to go away.
Tick-tock, there goes time,
it is escaping me and it's not kind.
My mind is going, I know it is true.
And then I forget that I mustn't forget.

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