I need a drink

White knuckle shakes, all I need is just a taste
I get back up, just to fall on my face
Fuck it! Pour me a glass! Pour me a shot!
Seems to be best to keep some doors locked
I am too thirsty, too thirsty to say "no"
Almost thirty years old and have nothing to show
It seems my stomach is a bottomless pit
Carroded with booze, swimming till it makes me sick
I will drink until i drown, until my insides rot
On my way down, I can't stop the clock
Just one more sip, one more for the road
Stumble until I slip, maybe i'm out of control
No where left to go once you hit rock bottom
But I plummet further, into a cell I've been locked in
I've been locked here for years, this is where I'll stay
Just one more drink to take the pain away.....

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