He needed a girl......

By DMAC   

You had a unique choice of lyrics
That you belted out daily
Of a ride or die bestie
That could act a bit crazy
A song you sung freely
Of ones loyalty to ride
About an eager mans Bonnie
Beside her modern day Clyde
If you ride then she rides
And always covers your back
Never a hint of disloyalty
There's no homies like that
Bros before hoes
Such a generational lie
The belief that one's homeboys
Would remain by his side
After years playing lock up
Who's loyalty stood tall
Not one of those boys
Would have taken a fall
Trustworthiness and love
Are such a powerful drug
Meant for a strong individual
Not a wannabe thug
I need a girl to ride, ride, ride.....
Became the motto of a wife
That had no quit in her vocabulary
And turned a song into life

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem with a song in mind that my husband use to sing when we were dating and still after 20 years refers to often. I just decided to have a little fun with a wife's kick to it and write a rendition to him on our anniversary.