I know you will cry, I know you will tear apart
I know you will hold my collar, till I shook it off
I know I will be cruel to you, I know you would say so
I know I will show my back on you, and you will scoff
But I need you to know it’s for the greater good
I need you to hold yourself up,
I need to set you free and for that
I need to leave.

Neither my eyes will be spared of tears
Nor the memories will free me of the guilt
Your woeful face will scorch my senses
Your callings in my ears will slowly build
But I need you to be strong, mine are not easy
I need you to understand
So that you find a better path,
I need to leave.

It’s not that I don’t love you, but it has other meanings
I am living hell, and you’re soothing spring breeze
It was rather hard to break you up, than your heart
So that hatred seep in through those crease
I need you to hate me so that you can move on
I need you to forget me
For a story that was never ours
I need to leave.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a lover who is ripped apart by his own demons. He loves his girlfriend a lot, but he is also aware of his own flaws which can make things worse between them and he doesn't want to hurt her. This poem is about the toughest decision he has ever made in his life.