I need you

I need you
You know I do
You need me too
My heart skips
A beat
You are so sweet
You knock
Me off of my feet
I can't get
You out of my head
I think about
The words you said
I need you
You know I do
I know that you need me too
At night
I just want to hold you tight this love feels
So right
I am glad you came
My way and I will stay
By your side
Arm's open wide
I need you
You know I do
You need me too
I need you
Want you
More than you'll
Ever know
My love will grow
More and more
You are the one that
I adore
I need you so bad
You make me so glad
You set my soul
On fire
You take me higher
Burning with desire
This love we share
Is so rare
None could compare
I really care
I need you
You know I do
You need me too
Our love will last
Forever and ever
I won't let it fade
We are made
For each other
There will never
Be another
Who could love me
When we disagree
We agree
You are the best thing
You are my everything
You are my King
Nothing can tear
Us apart
I love you with
All of my heart
Let me start
By saying
I need you
You know that
I do

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Love that is rare Love that you share With someone Who treats you well Good love That last You have someone to grow with Everyone deserves love like this and should never settle for less