I never carried a fetus!

It's been 43 years since I heard a doctor say...

"congratulations Mrs. D. Your baby's on its way" yes, no. 3 was on the way and my heart sang with joy.
' cause I never carried a fetus - just a bouncing baby boy!
you hear that awful saying - everywhere today.
" it's only a fetus"- it can easily be thrown away"
" it's only a fetus" - it doesn't feel a thing!
" it's only a fetus" - what good can it possibly bring!

just hire a "hit man" though you may call him "doc"
Don't listen to your conscience dear - just curl your lip and mock!
and cover your ears when you hear a baby cry
so you won't think whose near your heart
after all - a fetus " doesn't die"!

It's only a fetus - did you know it sucks it's thumb?
it recognizes mommy's voice - can you really say it's dumb?
you rock it when you walk - and make it feel secure
you'd feel it kick inside of you - if a baby's what it were!
no. It's only a fetus - keep that strictly in your mind!
close your heart , your mind and eyes so you won't trip up and find
there's no such thing as a fetus - it's a baby near your heart -
a tiny tot you'd love alot- if you'd just give it a start!
no, I never carried a fetus and I'm glad I knew it's true_
that's what's conceived, born and grows - is a baby - God's precious gift to you!

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