I Never Knew

I never knew I could shed so many tears,
Until the day you passed and were no longer here.
I never knew how much my heart would ache,
Until you left, and how much of it you take.
I never knew that missing you would make my life so sad,
Until I sat reminiscing of all we had.
I never knew I would miss so much of you,
Until I could no longer look into your eyes of blue.
I never knew death was such a terrible thing,
Until you left me with its sting.
I never knew silence could be so loud,
Until I had to live with grief like a thick black cloud.
I never knew grief was so awful,
Until you passed and my whole world toppled.
I never knew that your death would affect so much of me,
Until you and I were no longer a we.
I never knew that missing you would last so long,
Until years later I still break down and cry when I hear our song.
I just never knew.....

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