I Never Lost You

I have not forgotten about you
Your touch; You hair; the spot on your stomach
I'm still in love with you
Not the thought of you, but you, the being
You will always be my love, even if you say we are through
I'm learning how to leave you be
I will never figure out how to stop loving you, I stopped trying
Caring about me running out neglected
Is how you felt but if you only new that
Caring about me means chasing away memories of your past
You would then understand the hidden meaning of this feeling.
Yes I still believe you will come back
I hope when all hope is lost
I wonder when wander is your path
Do you still wonder over me?
I think about if hope will lead you back to what was wonderful.
What is 6 or 7 months likened to?
Is it marked by days on a calendar
smiles not received, pieces of understanding
Is 7 months really 7 days; is it even what we perceive as time
Is time an allusion to something unseen or not discovered
time is what we leave behind, I will find a way to transcend time
Then I will find you again
But if I don't, if I am unable to reach the impossible
I know the love I felt was intangible
something that is now imprinted in my heart no power dare disassemble
you have become apart of the fabric of my existence
a chromosome in my genetic makeup, I never lost you

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