I Never Was One for Titles

I woke up this morning with that blank stare in my face
My thoughts were what my eyes were seeing:
a huge mess, dark room and quietness
I decided today wouldn't be the day to try and figure out
where's my key to unlock the depths of my innerness?
I guess I'm perplexed with terms I was forced to accept
I don't care what my mind-state could be
why would I put myself in a place I hate to see?
I have become the woman I used to pity-
A case of my shoes being too big for my feet
What goes around does come back,
had to learn the hard way the true meaning of the that
Smile now and cry later.
Those cries came sooner then I thought, now they never stop
Trying to keep these manic times in a headlock
Constantly reminding myself not to get tied up in a tangle
looking at life at a different angle
Being in a daze for so long, I knew
the beauty of life I lost stuck in my cave-
didn't always see the days God gave
This is the weakest I had ever behaved.
I can admit now I was the one who gave up on God
and yet He still seems to answer my thoughts
I guess I can handle this, since God steps in when I'm up to the rim
Life is only black or white
shades of grey are the fake, fine lines: they don't exist
But this is where majority of humans feel they can justify their inhumanity
as they live lavishly...
partly why I'm pissed
I suppose in this fight I shouldn't enlist
One day I will find my true meaning in this-
for now, I would rather find my bliss in my own ignorance

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