I once had this really weird dream

I one had this really weird dream

Or maybe it wasn't one at all

Where the walls were singing and the doorbell was ringing

But no one where there at all.

So I closed the door back up,

To the walls is where I went

But then they were quiet, but I didn't by it

And my mind was full of resent!

So then I turned my back

And took only two steps away

Then the walls started singing, but no bells were ringing,

So there at the wall I stayed.

The walls stopped after a couple of hours

And I got really tired and bored

So I walked away, and silent it stayed

Until I heard a snore.

As I looked around the house

The snoring was nowhere to be found

I looked under beds, sheets, and bedspreads

But suddenly, there was no more sound.

Now I knew I was going crazy

I wondered if there was more

So I fell on the ground, and rolled around,

And suddenly I fell through the floor

There goes the snore again

As Iḿ falling through the sky

But then I wake up, and oddly enough

Iḿ actually falling through the sky


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