I Once Knew A Girl

I once knew a girl with a heart made of gold,
This was long before the world turned her cold,
There were troubles in the horizon as the storm started brewing,
She was oblivious to the fact, that she would meet her undoing,
She watched her life change slowly day by day,
Wondering what she did to deserve things to be this way.
I once knew a girl, who was left all alone,
That heart made of gold was embedded in stone,
When you looked in her eyes there was no longer a spark,
All you could find was emptiness and a broken heart,
No one was listening as she screamed out in pain,
No one realized that she'd never be the same.
I once knew a girl, who looked evil in the face,
Who kept searching for hope and finding God's grace,
Nightmares and horrors haunted her mind,
Her sweet loving nature she no longer could find,
She learned to embrace the darkness as her only friend,
Her heart was ripped to pieces that no one could mend.
I once knew a girl, who no longer had hope,
She gave up on reason and trying to cope,
There was nothing but darkness and no form of light,
Until she decided to stand up and fight.
She silenced the demons living in her head,
Their taunting and screaming, " You're better off dead."
She tried to stand up but her legs were too weak,
She started to crawl surpassing defeat.
She never gave up no matter how hard she fell,
She had a life to live and a story to tell.
I once knew a girl, who fought to be free,
I once knew a girl because that girl was me.

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