I Once Was Buried Beneath My Sin

I once was buried beneath my sin-
no hope of survival, the devil within.
I was about to give up, but a sliver of light shone through;
and at that moment, I knew what I had to do.
I began to climb up in pure curiosity...
and once I was above, I couldn't believe what I could see.
It was warm, and it was bright,
then all of the sudden, someone hugged me tight.
I could tell by His strength that he was a man.
He lifted me up when I couldn't stand.
And ever so quiet, yet His words so clear,
He whispered to me softly, "I am always here."
I eventually relaxed and knew I was alright-
no longer crawling in the dark, but walking in the light.
And ever since then, He's been by my side,
wiping away any tears that may form in my eyes.
So you see, I once was buried beneath my sin:
no hope of survival, the devil within.
But because of His glory, because of His grace,
Jesus Christ is the reason I am here today.

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