I Placed a Note in the Wall

In the damp courtyard of Capuleti
Love shouts
But the old brick walls whisper
Of an epic story that must hear
The sounds of love cannot be more crisper

For I know the sounds of love- quiet and still
Speaks not for it is felt
strong tugs and pulls

A love that wakes you up at dawn- at will
And fuels thy soul until it’s full

This is the love that findeth me
I dare not sleep
I dare not wake
For naught
I might miss the sweet thoughts
That thou entice
Full is how I feel with pleasure caught

I knoweth how Juliet must have felt- about Romeo
A love that made her melt-
And I have found that same great wealth
T’is not the path I’d take like them- that fell
My heart follows the quiet sounds that tell

For here in the fair city if Verina
I feel the tugs and pulls
And share a rapport
With two lovers
Some say were fools

Laugh at you may at this odd conversation
But I am driven by my heart and soul
Sharing candidly is my vocation
So here in this special place I extol

Love cried out once more
Not to be hushed
And a new declaration adorns
these aged walls of blush

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