I Prayed

I prayed for heaven and the ability to reach the stars,
instead I touched the face of god and was returned a different man
so i might say something to the world.
I have prayed everyday since my illness,
but never for a cure, only for mercy...
I was given instead a hard road but endless moments of hope
so i would have a deeper understanding of life...
I prayed for a healthy body in a dark time of life
and was given a "soul-shine" to illuminate my way so i might see...
I prayed for wisdom to understand,
instead was given a "beautiful mind"
so i might appreciate the world without defining it..
I prayed for courage of self ,
instead was gifted the ability to strengthen those around me
to remind me humility...
I prayed for a clear understanding of my life and past
and got a deep clarity of thought to see into others
so i may understand the meaning of service to mankind...

.I prayed at times simply for one more day,
instead I was given years
so I may remember its about each day
and truly appreciate it with others...
and understand..!!!

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